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Compostability in an industrial compost

EN 13432, EN 14995, ISO 11268-1, …
Testing package to assess the industrial compostability of materials or products following international protocols, such as EN 13432 for packaging, EN 14995 for plastic …

Artificial weathering in fluorescent UV chamber

1000 hours of exposure in QUV accelerated artificial weathering, including measurement of L* a* b* color coordinates and calculation of ΔE*ab

Artificial weathering in Xenon-arc chamber (Coated panel)

1000 hours of exposure in QSUN xenon-arc chamber with filter Daylight Q (daylight SPD)

Comprehensive soil biodegradation study

ISO 11268-1, ISO 11268-2, ISO 15685, …
This analysis package is used to determine the biodegradability of materials in soil. The results can be used to evaluate the environmental impact of the product. …

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