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Validated partner laboratories

Before outsourcing any measurements to any of our partners we run them through our own laboratory validation program. This ensures that your samples are always measured in the best laboratory for the purpose. Most of our partner laboratories are ISO/IEC 17025 accredited by national accreditation bodies such as DAkkS, ENAC and SWEDAC.

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Some of our services.

Molecular structure and purity of organic compounds (NMR, GC-MS, IR)

Water analyses (process waters, natural water, well waters, drinking water)

Elemental analysis of all kinds of samples, almost the whole periodic table

Film thickness determination of coatings and films (AFM, cross-sectional SEM, XRR)

Migration testing of food contact materials (overall and specific migration)

Determination of dissolved inorganic anions and cations from solid and liquid samples (ICP-MS, IC, MP-AES)

Imaging of surfaces and particles (AFM, SEM, optical microscopy)

X-ray analysis methods (XRD, XRF, XRR, XPS, CHNSO analysis, TC, TOC)

Identification of unknown samples

Mechanical testing of materials

Thermal testing of materials and chemicals (TGA, TGA-GC-MS, DSC)

Determination of the bio-based content of fuels, chemicals and materials

Radiocarbon dating

+ hundreds more


A group of experts

Our growing team of experts with backgrounds in research, laboratory analyses, operations and tech.
Teemu Myllymäki


PhD, applied physics

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Kalle Lagerblom


PhD, chemistry

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Joonas Rouhiainen
Oona Korhonen

Biomass expert

PhD, bioproduct technology

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+358 50 911 5214
Kia Bertula

Materials expert

PhD, applied physics

[email protected]

+358 40 827 5851
Sanna Järvinen

Product safety expert

BLSc, laboratory sciences

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Jussi Hildén

Content Manager

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