Semiconductor testing services

Measurlabs offers a wide selection of semiconductor testing services for surface analysis, depth profiling, failure analysis, and structural characterization. In addition to reliable laboratory test results, you will receive support from highly qualified method experts throughout the process.
Semiconductor testing services
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Imaging techniques

For high-resolution imaging of semiconductor devices, we offer SEM, TEM, and AFM techniques. In addition to the basic SEM and TEM setups, several additional detectors are available, including EDX for simultaneous elemental analysis and EBSD for visualizing crystalline structures. Cross-sectional analysis is also possible with FIB and BIB sample preparation.

For non-destructive imaging, Measurlabs offers scanning acoustic microscopy (SAM), which is an excellent option for identifying cracks, voids, and delaminations in multilayer film stacks and printed circuit boards without the need to cut the sample. Micro-CT may also be used for some samples, although achieving a high enough resolution for semiconductor analysis often requires the sample to be cut.

Elemental composition analysis of semiconductors

Semiconductor elemental composition analysis

Measurlabs offers several options for determining the elemental composition of thin films and other semiconductor devices and materials, both at the surface and as a function of depth. Some of the available analysis techniques include the following: 

  • Tof-ERDA measurement for determining elemental concentrations with a detection limit below 0.5 atomic percentages – the technique is suitable for depth profiling and capable of detecting all elements, including differentiating between different isotopes of hydrogen.

  • SIMS measurement for detecting trace amounts (ppm to ppb level) of impurities on the surface and at different depths.

  • GD-OES for fast quantitative depth profiling without the need for a vacuum chamber – capable of detecting light elements.

  • VPD-ICP-MS for determining trace metal contaminations on the sample surface.

Determination of physical characteristics

We provide a range of methods for determining the thickness, roughness, density, and other physical properties of thin films and wafers used in semiconductor development. Some of the testing options include roughness measurements with AFM, thickness measurements with XRR, and determination of crystal structure with GI-XRD.

Customer service by semiconductor testing experts

When you order semiconductor testing services from Measurlabs, you will get access to a wide range of techniques in one place, reliable and clearly reported results, and support from skilled testing experts, who will take ownership of your current and future testing projects with us. Do not hesitate to contact us to learn more.

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