Hande Güneş

PhD, Chemical and Biological Engineering

Inorganic Materials

Hande Güneş

Hande Güneş works at Measurlabs as a testing expert specializing in inorganic materials and powders. She considers the manipulation of materials at the atomic level to produce advanced technological solutions as one of the most rewarding parts of the work, which is why she handles the bulk of Measurlabs’ nanomaterial characterization projects.

Hande holds a PhD in chemical engineering from Koç University in Turkey, where she focused on studying heterogeneous catalysis. Before joining Measurlabs, Hande worked on catalytic converters and emissions in the automotive industry and on indoor air quality solutions in the household appliances industry. The development of innovative solutions in these industries is one of her key professional interests.

Academic publications

Hande has co-authored several scientific publications on topics including nanocomposites and Pichia pastoris fermentation. Examples include: