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Measurlabs is a laboratory testing provider that serves companies in industries ranging from environmental testing and chemical analysis to semiconductors, medical devices, and packaging materials. Our goal is to offer all the tests our customers need conveniently in one place. We work with more than 900 laboratories around the world and are constantly looking for new partners to serve our customers even better.

For laboratories, we offer the possibility to increase order volumes without increasing the number of customers you need to keep track of.

Get more business – easily


Get requests for the methods you have specified

Administrative work

No administrative work related to new customers


Clearly specified analysis requests from laboratory testing professionals

A steady flow of orders

We have a well-established customer base with recurring testing needs in different fields. If you can offer high-quality analysis services at competitive rates, we can drive a significant amount of new business your way. 

Well-defined requests

Our team consists of highly qualified testing experts with experience and training to facilitate effective communication with laboratories. You will always get well-defined analysis requests drafted by laboratory testing professionals.

What do we look for in our partners?

We are especially interested in services from ISO 17025 accredited laboratories with competitive prices, fast turnaround times, and accredited methods. If you can offer rare methods or perform analyses for challenging matrices, we are also always eager to hear more.

How to become a partner?

If you wish to join our laboratory network, you can register as a partner using the form below – or simply send us a price list of the testing services you offer at We will add the services to our internal database and start outsourcing tests to you as soon as we receive suitable orders, for which your prices and turnaround times are the most competitive.

Become a partner laboratory

Fill in the form and we’ll be in touch. Alternatively, you can email us at or call +358 50 336 6128.