Fire testing & classification services

Fire and flammability testing is key to ensuring the safety and compliance of building materials, textiles, and furniture, especially when these are used in public spaces. Our service selection encompasses fire classification testing by international standards from EN 13501-1 to IMO 2010 FTP Code.
Fire testing
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Fire testing of building materials

Fire classification of building materials

The European EN 13501-1 standard is used to classify construction materials and building elements into five performance classes on the basis of their fire resistance. The standard outlines the required tests for three product categories: flooring, linear pipes, and other construction products.

Some of our most popular tests required for EN 13501-1 fire classification include the reaction to fire test for flooring by EN ISO 9239-1, the single burning item test by EN 13823, and the gross heat of combustion test by EN ISO 1716. You can find more information on each by clicking the icons below.

Fire testing of furniture and textiles

Testing of textiles and upholstered furniture

Furniture and textiles used in public spaces, such as hotels, schools, restaurants, and public transportation, must meet stringent fire-resistance requirements. Depending on the type of textile and the environment where it is used, standardized tests can include ISO 12952 for assessing the ignitability of bedding items, EN 1021 for testing the ignitability of upholstered furniture, and EN 1102 for evaluating the burning behavior of curtains and drapes.

Our fire testing experts will help you create a testing plan that covers all the use cases of your material. Do not hesitate to contact us for a quote.

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Materials used on ships and public transport

Construction materials and textiles that are used on ships, trains, and buses are tested according to dedicated safety references. These include:

  • UN/ECE Regulation No. 118 for materials used in bus interiors

  • IMO 2010 FTP Code for materials used on ships

  • EN 45545-2 for materials used in trains and other rail vehicles

Our service selection includes most fire tests listed in the abovementioned documents. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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