EN ISO 9239-1 Reaction to fire tests for flooring

The EN ISO 9239-1 fire test is used to evaluate the ability of flooring to withstand flames and radiant heat. The flame spread, smoke generation, and lowest radiant heat to sustain burning are measured.

The method is mainly used to classify floor coverings according to the European system for Euroclass EN 13501-1. Floorings can be classified into class A2fl, Bfl, Cfl, or Dfl, depending on the results.

The procedure for the EN ISO 9239-1 test is the following:

1) The test specimen is placed in a horizontal position below a gas-fired radiant panel inclined at 30°, where it is exposed to a defined heat flux.

2) A pilot flame is applied to the hotter end of the specimen.

3) Following ignition, any flame front that develops is noted, and a record is made of the progression of the flame front horizontally along the length of the specimen, measuring the time it takes for the fire to spread to defined distances.

4) Smoke production during the test is recorded as light transmission in the exhaust stack.

One specimen is tested in one direction (e.g. production direction) and another specimen in the direction perpendicular to the first specimen. The test that yields the worst results is repeated twice in that direction.

Suitable sample matrices
Construction products (floor coverings)
Required sample quantity
Cut 3-4 (1 050 ± 5) mm * (230 ± 5) mm specimens, three in one direction (e.g. production direction) and three in a perpendicular direction. If the thickness of the specimen is more than 19 mm, the length may be reduced to (1025 ± 5) mm
Available quality systems
Accredited test method


Price per sample (Excl. VAT):
1,315 €

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