Magnetometry with a vibrating-sample magnetometer

Magnetometry provides information on the magnetic properties of the sample material as a function of the magnetic field.

A vibrating-sample magnetometer (VSM), also referred to as a Foner magnetometer, is used in the measurement. According to Faraday’s Law of Induction, a changing magnetic field will produce an electric field, which can be measured to obtain information about the magnetic field.

Some of the properties that the VSM can measure include magnetic moment, coercivity, and hysteresis loop. Magnetometry is suitable for thin films, bulk materials, liquids, or powders.

Suitable sample matrices
Thin films, bulk materials, liquids, or powders
Typical turnaround time
4 weeks after receiving the samples
Available quality systems
Measurlabs validated method


Price per sample (Excl. VAT):
1,250 €

We also charge a 97 € service fee per order.

Large batches of samples are eligible for discounts.

Questions? We're happy to help.

Questions? We're happy to help.

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