Particle size distribution with TEM

Particle size distribution (PSD) is determined from transmission electron microscopy (TEM) images. The method is most suitable for small particles of 50 nm or smaller.

Depending on the particle shapes, the method includes calculating the diameters or lengths and widths of particles. In addition to the size, TEM provides qualitative information about the surface morphology of the particles. TEM is a good option for irregularly shaped and non-spherical particles such as fibers, rods, and crystals that cannot be characterized meaningfully with traditional methods, including laser diffraction (LD) and dynamic light scattering (DLS).

As a result of the analysis, TEM images and the determined particle size distribution for diameter (or length and width) are delivered.

Samples can be completely dry or wet for TEM. If the particles are wet or dispersed in a solvent, the sample may be dried with a suitable sample preparation method before imaging. Ask our experts for more information and a price for wet samples.

Suitable sample matrices
Dry sample, particles in suspension
Required sample quantity
100 mg
Available quality systems
Measurlabs validated method
Method expert
Janez Košir
Janez Košir


Price per sample (Excl. VAT):
1,900 €

We also charge a 97 € service fee per order.

Large batches of samples are eligible for discounts.

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Questions? We're happy to help.

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