Nanoparticle analysis according to REACH

The following analyses are included in this measurement package.

  • Particle size distribution and aspect ratios by SEM-EDX: Preparation with isopropanol and classification in accordance with the 2022 EC recommendation relating to nanomaterials.

    • Sample dispersion measurement on a slide, with centrifugation.

    • SEM analysis and particle count by image analysis.

    • Nanoparticle detection + reporting of PSD parameters such as the following

      • PSD diagram, accumulated and individual.

      • Ferret min (min, d10, d25, d50, d75, d90, d95, max)

      • Ferret max (min, d10, d25, d50, d75, d90, d95, max)

      • Equivalent circular diameter (min, d10, d25, d50, d75, d90, d95, max)

      • Aspect ratio (calculated based on individual ferret min and ferret max measurements)

      • Number based nano-fraction (%)

  • Crystal phase analysis by XRD/Rietveld method: Identification and quantification of the phases present by X-ray diffraction. The analysis includes the following steps:

    • Sample preparation: drying, grinding, X-ray preparation

    • XRD analysis over an angular range extending from 10° to 90°

    • Identification of the crystalline phases present in the sample

    • Semi-quantitative analysis of phase distribution, using the Rietveld method

    • Interpretation of diffractograms

  • Chemical composition/purity by ICP-AES and CHNS analysis

    • ICP-AES is used to quantify inorganic and metallic elements: Ag, Al, As, B, Ba, Be, Bi, Ca, Cd, Co, Cr, Cu, Fe, K, Li, Mg, Mn, Mo, Na, Ni, P, Pb, S, Se, Sb, Si, Sn, Sr, V, Zn, Ti, and Tl.

    • Determination of C, H, N, and S is performed using an elemental analyzer.

  • Volume-specific surface area (VSSA) and VSSA diameter calculations (optional)

    • BET specific surface area measurement of powder by nitrogen adsorption.

    • True (skeletal) density measurement by He pycnometry, excluding intergranular and intragranular porosity.

    • Both analyses include sample preparation.

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