Oxygen transmission rate (OTR)

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Determination of the oxygen transmission rate through films and sheet like materials. The measurement is done on two parallel samples simultaneously. Oxygen barriers are imporatant, especially in the food packaging industry, where shelf life of produce can be significantly increased by limiting the amount of oxygen that gets in contact with the product. The measurement conditions (temperature and relative humidity) can be chosen according to the intended use of the material. Typically oxygen permeability is measured in 23 °C and 0 % relative humidity as per ASTM D 3985. In moist conditions, for example 38 °C and 90 % relative humidity, standard ASTM F 1927 is used.

Suitable sample matrices
Films of different materials and coated surfaces such as cardboard. Surfaces of the material needs to be smooth. Maximum thickness 2.5mm.
Minimum sample amount
The measurement is done with two parallel samples so at least two pieces of material, but preferably five. Optimal sample size is 20 x 20 cm, but smaller pieces are ok for poor barriers.
Typical turnaround time
3 weeks after receiving the samples
Detection limit
0.13 cm3(m2 * 24 h)
Quality system
Accredited test method, Accredited testing laboratory, Measurlabs validated method
Device families
ASTM D3985-17; ASTM F 1927-20
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