Pyrrolizidine alkaloid content

Pyrrolizidine alkaloids are naturally occurring substances produced by various plants as a defense mechanism against insect herbivores. The Scientific Panel on Contaminants in the Food Chain (CONTAM Panel) of EFSA has concluded that there is a possible concern for human health related to exposure to pyrrolizidine alkaloids. This test package includes the analysis of the following substances: • Echimidine, Echimidine-N-oxide, • Europine, Europine-N-oxide, • Heliotrine, Heliotrine-N-oxide, • Intermedine, Intermedine-N-oxide, • Lasiocarpine, Lasiocarpine-N-oxide, • Lycopsamine, Lycopsamine-N-oxide, • Retrorsine, Retrorsine-N-oxide, • Senecionine, Senecionine-N-oxide, • Seneciphylline, Seneciphylline-N-oxide, • Senecivernine, Senecivernine-N-Oxide, • Senkirkine • Trichodesmine • Erucifoline, Erucifoline-N-oxide, • Jacobine, Jacobine-N-oxide, • Monocrotaline, Monocrotaline-N-oxide, According to EU regulations, materials that potentially require pyrrolizidine alkaloid testing include: • cumin seeds • pollen-based food products and supplements • dried and liquid herbal infusions and teas Compliance can be evaluated using Commission Regulation (EU) 2020/2040 as a safety reference.

Suitable sample matrices
Food, feed, supplement products
Minimum sample amount
200 g or 400 ml
Typical turnaround time
3 weeks after receiving the samples
Quality system
Accredited testing laboratory
Device families
Method expert
Niko Markkinen
Niko Markkinen

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