Fire testing & classification

Large selection of fire and flammability testing services for textiles and building materials. We offer reaction to fire tests, flammability tests, and smoke and toxicity tests. Turnover time only 3-4 weeks.

Fire testing
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Fire testing of building materials

Testing of building materials

We perform reaction to fire tests and flammability tests for building materials like mineral wools and boards, electric cables, and surface materials like paints and other cover systems. Our most popular services listed below include for example fire classification by EN 13501-1, reaction to fire tests for flooring by EN ISO 9239-1, ignitability with small flame and single burning item tests.

Testing of decorative textiles

Testing of textiles and upholstered furniture

We test all types of textiles used for decoration purposes: bed covers, pillows, mattresses, furniture upholstery, curtains and rugs. Tests are done with small flame and smoldering cigarette tests according to e.g. IMO 2010 FTPC Part 7, 8, and 9, EN ISO 11925-2 and EN 1102. Our fire testing experts will help you in creating a suitable testing plan that covers all use purposes of the textiles.

Fire testing according to UN/ECE Regulation Nr 118 for materials used in vehicles and buses

Testing according to UN/ECE Regulation No. 118

We offer fire testing also according to UN/ECE Regulation No. 118 for materials used in vehicles and buses. Our testing capabilities include tests for horizontal flame propagation, vertical flame spread, and melting behavior of fusible materials. Please see prices and further details about the tests in the service cards listed below or contact us to get help from our experts to create a suitable testing plan.

Smoke and toxicity testing

Smoke and toxicity testing

We offer a full range of smoke and toxicity tests. Our fire testing experts help you designing the testing plan to make sure all your materials meet all regulations and standards. All tests are done in EN ISO/IEC 17025 accredited fire-testing laboratories.

IMO 2010 marine vessel fire testing

IMO 2010 tests for marine vessels

We have an expert specialized in fire testing for marine vessels according to IMO 2010 (International Maritime Organization Fire Testing Procedures). We perform test parts 1, 2, 5, 7, 8 and 9: smoke and toxicity test, surface flammability, vertically supported textile and film test, upholstered furniture test and bedding component test. Test reports can be used to get the wheel mark type approval.

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