Charlotte Zborowski

PhD, Material Science

Inorganic Materials & Semiconductors

Charlotte Zborowski

Charlotte Zborowski works at Measurlabs as an inorganic materials testing expert. She has extensive experience in both academia and industry, having previously worked in material characterization at large microelectronic companies in France and Belgium and research at Danish and Finnish universities

Charlotte received her PhD in 2018 from the University of Southern Denmark and the University of Lyon with a thesis focusing on the characterization of deeply buried interfaces by hard X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy. In addition to XPS, Charlotte specializes in semiconductor and microelectronic device testing with electron microscopy techniques. She enjoys the challenge of finding the most suitable method for even the trickiest testing needs.

Academic publications

Charlotte has co-authored 38 academic publications, many of them focusing on material characterization with high-energy XPS. Some examples include:

Charlotte’s latest articles in our blog

Charlotte ZborowskiCharlotte Zborowski

May 10, 2023

Thin film depth profiling: guide to method selection

Choosing the most appropriate thin film depth profiling technique is key to obtaining all the required information at optimal sensitivity.

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Thin film depth profiling: guide to method selection

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