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PFAS compounds can be found in the environment, drinking water, food, firefighting foams, packaging materials and consumer products with water and grease repellent properties. We offer PFAS testing for all sample types with attentive customer service from chemical analysis experts.
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Soil analysis

Analysis of environmental samples

Rising concern about the accumulation of PFAS in the environment has increased the need for environmental testing focusing on these high-profile pollutants. Measurlabs offers PFAS screening of water, soil, and sediment with highly sensitive, liquid chromatography-based analysis methods. If required, testing can be performed according to the new US EPA Method 1633.

Some of our most popular PFAS analysis packages for environmental samples are listed below, and you can get more information about target substances and detection limits by clicking the icons. Alternatively, just contact us to get a quote for the compounds you need to identify.

Allergen testing

Analysis of food, drinking water, and consumer products

In addition to environmental samples, PFAS can be screened from a variety of products and materials. This is commonly done to ensure compliance with relevant national and international regulations, including the following:

  • EU PFAS regulations on food, drinking water, cosmetics, and consumer products.

  • Global PFAS restrictions under the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants (POP)

  • State-level laws in the US, banning the use of PFAS in products such as food packaging, textiles, and cosmetics

Analyses can be targeted on a specific set of substances mentioned in the relevant legislation. Alternatively, total organic fluorine (TOF) analysis can be used to evaluate the overall presence of PFAS in the material. For a convincing case to be made on the product being PFAS-free, a combination of these approaches is recommended.

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