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When evaluating the performance and safety of packages, some of the key considerations include chemical safety, barrier properties, and durability. Measurlabs offers a comprehensive range of packaging testing solutions from WVTR and OTR to migration testing of food packages.
Packaging testing
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Food packaging testing

Food packaging testing

The safety of food packages is regulated within the EU by the GMP Regulation 2023/2006, the Framework Regulation 1935/2004, and several material-specific regulations. In addition, national legislation, such as German BfR regulations, should be taken into account when evaluating the compliance of food contact materials for which harmonized legislation is lacking.

The chemical safety of food packages can be assessed using the following tests:

  • Overall migration of the sum total of potentially harmful substances

  • Specific migration of individual high-risk substances

  • NIAS screening of non-intentionally added contaminants, breakdown products, and side products

Measurlabs offers a wide range of migration tests for food packaging made of different materials and intended for use with different food types. Sensory analyses, dishwashing resistance, color transfer, microwave resistance, and printing ink set-off tests are also available. The easiest way to ensure the regulatory compliance of plastic food packaging is to select either the single-use or the repeated-use EU compliance testing package containing all the compulsory migration and sensory analyses as outlined in the EU Plastic Regulation 10/2011.

Assessment of barrier properties

Packaging that has good barrier properties is efficient in maintaining the quality of the enclosed product. Having an efficient moisture, oxygen, and carbon dioxide barrier is especially important for food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics packaging, as such products are prone to spoilage. We offer WVTR, OTR, and CO2 transmission rate testing for both finished packages and their components, such as films and sheeting.

Biobased content of packaging

Measuring the biobased content of packaging materials

Reducing the use of fossil fuels in packaging material production is one key part of limiting the environmental impacts of the industry. To facilitate the transparent labeling of biobased packaging materials, we recently launched the Measurlabs Biobased Content Certificate. The certificate is based on the EN 16785-1 standard, which makes it possible to measure the precise proportion of biobased matter that a material contains, accounting for all elements rather than just carbon.

We also offer testing options for determining the biodegradability and compostability of plastic packaging materials, as well as recyclability testing of paper and cardboard packaging.

Strength & durability testing

For transport and industrial packaging, the most important quality is usually durability even under challenging conditions. To ensure that packages and their constituents withstand the pressure incurred during transport and use, we offer a range of mechanical testing options from impact to tensile testing. Some of our most popular mechanical tests for packaging materials include the following:

Guidance from packaging testing experts

When you order packaging testing services from Measurlabs, your project will be assigned to one of our testing experts, who will answer any questions you may have and provide guidance in selecting the appropriate tests. You will also benefit from transparent and competitive pricing, fast turnaround times, and clear reporting.

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