Microbial barrier testing by ASTM F1608

The method is used to determine the passage of airborne bacteria through porous materials used in the packaging of sterile medical devices. With the test, different porous materials can be compared to evaluate which material offers the best protection against contamination of sterile materials.

A mist of bacteria spores (Bacillus atrophies) is sprayed on the porus testing material in an exposure chamber. Spores that get through the material are trapped on a special filter and counted. The number of spores sprayed originally is compared to the number of spores that got through to conclude how well the material blocks the bacteria. 

The results are expressed as a “Log Reduction Value” (LRV), defining the effectiveness of the material in preventing bacteria from passing.

Required sample quantity
Minimum 50 mm in diameter
Available quality systems
Accredited testing laboratory

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