Sanna Laukkanen

MSc (Tech.), Fiber and Polymer Engineering

Polymers & Textiles

Sanna Laukkanen

Sanna Laukkanen works at Measurlabs as an organic materials testing expert, focusing mainly on fibers and textiles. Sanna majored in fiber and polymer engineering at Aalto University and holds an MSc (tech.) in chemical engineering. She wrote her master’s thesis on additives used to optimize kraft-lignin pelletizing and pellet performance.

Sanna’s studies and previous work experience have been centered around the analysis of synthetic and natural polymers. She has worked with R&D of lignin-based resins, analyzed oil and biorefinery products, and studied food safety standards and legislation related to the production of packaging materials. Sanna is especially interested in the development of sustainable packaging solutions and lignin-based innovations.

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