Fluoride in solid matrices, water-soluble, one step batch extraction

Determination of water-soluble fluoride in solid matrices. The fluoride is extracted from the dried sample with water in a single-stage shaking test at room temperature (20 ± 5°C) according to EN 12457-2. The extracted fluoride then is analyzed with a spectrophotometer according to EN 13037.

The method is suitable for solid materials with a particle size <4 mm. Samples with larger particle sizes can be crushed prior to analysis, depending on the matrix. Please contact our expert if your sample has a large particle size and requires crushing before analysis.

Results are given as mg of fluoride per kg of dried sample material. The dry matter content of the sample is also reported.

Suitable sample matrices
Minimum sample amount
100 g
Typical turnaround time
2 weeks after receiving the samples
Detection limit
1 mg / kg dry matter
Quality system
Accredited test method
Device types
Method expert
Kalle Lagerblom

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Questions? We're happy to help.

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