Color fastness of textiles

Color fastness describes a textile's ability to retain its original color when exposed to different types of chemical, mechanical, or environmental stress.

We offer color fastness testing according to the following standards:

- EN ISO 105-E01 - Color fastness to water

- EN ISO 105-E02 - Color fastness to seawater

- EN ISO 105-E08 - Color fastness to hot water

- EN ISO 105-E03 - Color fastness to chlorinated water

- EN ISO 105-E07 - Color fastness to water spotting

- ISO 105-X12 - Color fastness to rubbing

- EN ISO 105-D02 - Color fastness to rubbing with organic solvents

- EN ISO 105-X05 - Color fastness to organic solvents

- DIN 53160-1 - Color fastness to saliva

- EN ISO 105-E04 - Color fastness to alkaline and acidic perspiration

- DIN 53160-2 - Color fastness to artificial sweat

- EN ISO 105-N02 - Color fastness to peroxide bleaching

- EN 20105-N01 - Color fastness to hypochlorite bleaching

- DIN 54034 - Color fastness to mild hypochlorite bleaching

- EN ISO 105-E06 - Color fastness to alkaline spotting

- EN ISO 105-E05 - Color fastness to acid spotting

- EN ISO 105-X11 - Color fastness to hot pressing (dry, damp, or wet)

- EN ISO 105-X04 - Color fastness to mercerizing

You can choose the desired standard from the dropdown list upon ordering. Multiple tests can be ordered simultaneously.

Suitable sample matrices
Woven and knitted fabrics and textiles
Minimum sample amount
Typical turnaround time
4 weeks after receiving the samples
Quality system
Accredited testing laboratory
Method expert
Sanna Laukkanen

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Questions? We're happy to help.

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