Product inspection services

Product inspections help companies ensure their products meet regulatory requirements and customers’ quality expectations before bringing them to market. As inspections are often carried out at the client’s premises, we currently offer the service for Finland-based clients only.
Product inspections
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The importance of having products inspected

In the EU, notices of products found to be dangerous to consumers or harmful to the environment are reported in the SafetyGate and RASFF portals, for non-food and food products, respectively. Every year, thousands of products subjected to SafetyGate and RASFF notifications are recalled from the market, each instance causing significant negative implications to the company responsible for the product – both in financial and reputational terms.

Product inspections minimize the risk of faulty or non-compliant products reaching the market. Also, if faulty products have already been sold, an inspection by an independent third party can be used to demonstrate to the subcontractor responsible for the error that they have supplied defective products or components.

Measurlabs' services

We offer product inspections for a range of consumer products, including textiles, clothing and accessories, household goods, cosmetics, food, and packaging. The following are a few examples of our services:

  • Identification of product non-conformities (e.g. appearance, performance, safety, durability)

  • Identification of sellable products from a batch where faulty ones have been discovered

  • Verification of compliance with labeling requirements, for example with EU food, feed, and cosmetics legislation

  • Issuing an inspection report for non-conforming products to support a complaint

  • Laboratory tests for further investigations

Small product batches are inspected by our experts at our office. For larger batches, we can organize the inspection at the customer's premises in Southern Finland. Do not hesitate to contact us through the form below to ask for more information and to request a quote.

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