Cosmetics testing services

Cosmetic products require a comprehensive set of laboratory tests before they can be brought to market safely and in compliance with legislation on product claims. Measurlabs offers cosmetic testing from chemical and microbiological analyses to patch tests.
Cosmetics testing services
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Microbiological tests

The microbiological quality of cosmetics needs to be assessed to ensure that products retain their quality for the declared shelf life period without succumbing to microbial growth. Our testing options include stability & compatibility testing, microbiological analyses by European Pharmacopoeia standards, and challenge tests to evaluate the preservation efficacy of cosmetic preservatives.

Chemicals in cosmetics

Chemical testing

Chemical tests are needed to ensure that the composition of a cosmetic product complies with relevant regulations, such as the EU Cosmetics Regulation. Cosmetics must not contain prohibited substances, including certain PFAS and PAH compounds, heavy metals, nitrosamines, and phthalates. To market products as “allergen-free”, it must also be demonstrated that they do not contain known allergenic fragrance components.

In addition to ensuring the absence of prohibited ingredients, cosmetics manufacturers need to make sure that the used colorants, preservatives, and UV filters are authorized and are not present in unacceptably high quantities. Our chemical analysis options for cosmetics include allergenic fragrance screening, contaminant analysis, and biocide testing for determining the concentrations of different preservatives, such as isothiazolinones.

Dermatological testing

Dermatological tests, such as patch tests, are used to evaluate the reactions that a cosmetic product may induce when applied to the skin. Testing is performed on a group of human volunteers under the supervision of a dermatologist. In addition to evidencing the claim “dermatologically tested”, patch tests can be used to evaluate the product’s suitability for different skin types.

Testing to support additional product claims

Regulation (EU) 655/2013 sets the framework for product claims that can be used to market cosmetics within the Union. The key principle is that all claims must be demonstrably true and based on solid evidence. Often, the evidence consists of results from use tests, where a group of volunteers is exposed to the product and subsequently surveyed and observed by a specialist. 

Measurlabs offers cosmetics use tests for supporting a number of product claims, including the following: 

  • Moisturizes the skin

  • Restores the function of the skin barrier

  • Does not sting the eyes

The number of volunteers and their skin types can be chosen to evaluate the product's suitability for different target groups. Please get in touch with our experts to discuss the options.

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