Folding endurance of paper and board

This test is used to determine the folding endurance of paper or board using the Köhler-Molin, Lhomargy, MIT, and Schopper testers.

During the test, a narrow strip of paper is folded forwards and backward in a standardized manner, so that it is subjected to longitudinal stress until it breaks.

Suitable sample matrices
Paper and board. Maximum thickness can be 0.25 mm and tensile strength must be over 1.33 kN/m.
Required sample quantity
Five A4 sheets
Typical turnaround time
3 weeks after receiving the samples
Available quality systems
Accredited testing laboratory

Pricing and online order

Price per sample (Excl. VAT):
120 €

We also charge a 97 € service fee per order.

Large batches of samples are eligible for discounts.

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Questions? We're happy to help.

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