Rapid dishwasher-safe test for ceramics

Rapid method for testing domestic ceramics for resistance to mechanical dishwashing.

In this test, tested articles are immersed into a solution with alkaline dishwashing detergent at (75 ± 1) °C for a total of 32 hours. The specimens are then examined visually according to standard EN 12875-2 to determine any changes in the article.

Please note that this test does not indicate a clear number of dishwasher cycles the product is expected to withstand. Rather, this test can be useful for

  • Research and development: for example, the method is used to compare different printing or glazing solutions for their resistance to dishwashing and general wear.

  • Manufacturers: test is used to ensure that the product maintains its gloss and color after repeated exposure to chemical, mechanical, and thermal stress in a domestic dishwasher.

  • Retailers: for example, if there is suspicion about the quality of the printing, glazing, or other factors of ceramics products sold at the retail level.

Suitable sample matrices
Required sample quantity
4 articles
Typical turnaround time
2 weeks after receiving the samples
Available quality systems
Accredited test method

Pricing and online order

Price per sample (Excl. VAT):
245 €
Large batches of samples are eligible for discounts.

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