Mechanical testing services

laboratory services for mechanical testing of polymers, plastics, composites, metals, textiles, paper & board, and novel materials. Measurlabs offers the full range of mechanical tests from tensile testing and hardness to crush tests and other more material-specific analyses.
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Mechanical testing services

Testing of polymers

Undestanding the mechanical properties of polymers and plastic materials is critical in allowing product developers to know how their material performs in the desired application. Measurlabs offers mechanical testing for all kinds of plastic and polymeric materials ranging from tensile, flexural, compression, shear, creep, dynamic (DMA), friction, scratch, hardness, fatigue, impact properties and many more. Depending on the product, the test method can be chosen accordingly from various testing standards or by using custom methods.

Mechanical testing services

Testing of composites

Composite products often need to obey demanding quality standards of various industries, such as the automotive, construction, and areospace industries. Measurlabs can offer industry specific destructive and non-destructive (NDT) composite testing to determine properties such as tensile strength, hardness, toughness, impact strength and compressive strength, and to detect underlying defects in the structure.

Mechanical testing services

Testing of paper, paperboard and corrugated cardboard

At Measurlabs we offer testing of paper, board and packaging materials according to ASTM, ISO, DIN and TAPPI standards. Our service include measurements such as bursting strength, SCT, ECT, FCT, bending stiffness, internal bond strength, air permeance, tensile strength, optical properties, and many others that are essential in quality assurance of existing products and product development of novel biobased materials.

Mechanical testing services

Testing of textiles

Textile testing plays an important role in making sure the product works at its designated end-use application and complies to required specifications. Measurlabs offers a wide selection of mechanical testing for textiles, ranging from single fiber tests to testing of readily assembled clothing.

Mechanical testing services

Testing of metals

Metallic components, especially those used in construction and load bearing structures, often need to meet strict mechanical specifications. We at Measurlabs offer a wide range of mechanical testing for your metallic products. Some of our methods include for example tensile testing, fatigue testing, coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) determination, creep testing, and hardness testing. 

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What is Measurlabs?

Measurlabs is a lab test provider for product developers and quality controllers that need to buy laboratory measurement services from external partners. In addition to our own lab in Helsinki, Finland, we have a global network of partner labs that enables us to offer over one thousand different testing methods for our customers.

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