Rubber testing

We offer a wide variety of testing services for rubber. Available tests include mechanical testing, thermal testing, durability testing and many other.

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Mechanical testing

Mechanical testing of rubber includes hardness, tensile test, compression tests, tear test, adhesion tests, shear modulus, dynamic testing and many others. We offer these standardized testing services for many different types of rubbers, and can help with defining the necessary analyses and suitable testing methods for all materials.

Thermal testing

Thermal testing of rubbers include glass transition temperature, crystal melt temperature, temperature retraction, brittleness temperature, Gehman test (torsional stiffness at low temperatures), compression or DMA in different temperatures and many others. We offer these, and many other tests according to harmonized standards. 

Durability testing

Durability testing of rubber includes accelerated ageing, tension set, compression set, relaxation, cycling relaxation test, estimation of service life, resistance to liquids, weather ageing, weather simulation, outdoor ageing, ozone tests, abrasion testing, dynamic fatigue and many others. We offer all of these, just tell us what you need and we’ll send you a quotation with price, turnaround time and where to send your samples.

Other rubber tests

Apart from the common rubber tests there are all kinds of simple and not-so simple tests that manufacturers and developers of rubber materials often need. These include discoloration, dispersion, permeability, fire testing, electrical testing, chemical analysis and many typical material analysis tests, such as TGA, DSC, FTIR and others. If you need any of these tests please contact us, tell us what you need and we will tell you what it costs to do the tests you need.

What is Measurlabs?

Measurlabs is a lab test provider for product developers and quality controllers that need to buy laboratory measurement services from external partners. In addition to our own lab in Helsinki, Finland, we have a global network of partner labs that enables us to offer over one thousand different testing methods for our customers.

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Personal service get help from method experts if you are unsure about standards, your measurement needs or sample suitability.

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