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Analyses for biogas, natural gases, biomethane and blends.

Gases used in transport have strict limits for how much of a certain component can be included in the final product. Components in the gas include for example methane, sulphur compounds, ammonia, siloxanes, hydrogen and inert gases. Analyses for determining the components are most often done with gas chromatography and different detectors.

Indoor air analysis

VOCs, PAHs, PCBs, asbestos and dust composition are examples of typical assignments received from our customers. Sampling is typically done using a pump equipped with a specific filter that traps the wanted compounds. Indoor air analyses are usually done with gas chromatography. Please specify your needs and ask for a quote for the analysis by filling in the form below.

Process gas analysis

Sampling and measurement methods from indoor air and fuel gas analyses can also be applied to the manufacturing industry. Typically, these assignments relate to finding hazardous compounds (such as hydrogen fluoride, HF) from either waste gas or amongst solid waste where the gas might have adsorbed.  

Not all gas analyses must be made on-line and samples can be transported to our partner laboratories for analysis. We are happy to help you in collecting and shipping the samples in a proper manner. You can also find brief information about sample shipping below.

Sample requirements and shipping

Gas sampling and testing can be a bit tricky, but we are happy to help with all your questions. Sampling gases requires different vessels like Tedlar and Altef bags, sampling cylinders with adsorbents, and other equipment depending on the compounds that need to be tested. Some compounds (such as ammonia) need to be analyzed urgently, which needs to be taken into account when selecting the analysis location and shipping method. Automotive fuels require special attention when shipping due to their explosive nature.

We can provide you with all equipment needed for sampling and instruct how and when to collect and send the sample to ensure best possible results from your gas analyses. Contact us through the form below and our gas testing experts will answer all your questions.

Suitable sample matrices

  • Biogas, biomethane and natural gas
  • Indoor air
  • Process gases
  • Gas emitted from waste

All gas analyses from one place

  • Gas component analysis
  • VOCs, PAH, PCBs from indoor air
  • Asbestos and dust composition analysis of indoor air
  • Hazardous components from process gas
  • Fuel gas analyses
  • Analyses for gas from waste

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Frequently asked questions

What is Measurlabs?

Measurlabs offers a variety of laboratory analyses for product developers and quality managers. We perform some of the analyses in our own lab, but mostly we outsource them to carefully selected partner laboratories. This way we can send each sample to the lab that is best suited for the purpose, and offer high-quality analyses with more than a thousand different methods to our clients.

How does the service work?

When you contact us through our contact form or by email, one of our specialists will take ownership of your case and answer your query. You get an offer with all the necessary details about the analysis, and can send your samples to the indicated address. We will then take care of sending your samples to the correct laboratories and write a clear report on the results for you.

How do I send my samples?

Samples are usually delivered to our laboratory via courier. Contact us for further details before sending samples.