Analysis of microplastics

Microplastic pollution is a problem that concerns both environmental researchers and product developers in the cosmetics, chemicals, and textiles industries. Measurlabs offers a complete set of analyses for identification, quantification, and particle size distribution of microplastics.
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Analysis of microplastics

Microplastics in water

Microplastics end up in the environment and waterways as a result of plastic waste degrading into smaller particles, as wash-off from textiles, and when cosmetics, detergents, and other chemicals with microbeads are washed down the drains. Due to their small size (under 5 mm diameter), microplastics usually pass through water filtration systems into nature. Measurlabs offers accurate analyses for determining the presence of microplastics in inland waters, seawater, groundwater, wastewater and drinking water, as well as for soil and sludge. We also offer testing for how the release of microplastics from textiles during laundering.

Analysis of microplastics

FTIR identification of microplastics

Infrared spectroscopy or FTIR is a common method used for identifying the plastic or polymer present in the sample. Raman spectroscopy can also be used to complement the data obtained from the IR analysis.  Measurlabs offers high-quality FTIR and Raman analyses in top laboratories around the world for affordable prices. See prices and details for plastic identification with FTIR and textile wash-off analysis directly from our webshop, or ask for a custom quote for your full analysis needs through the form below.

Analysis of microplastics

Particle size determination of microplastics

In addition to identifying the microplastic, obtaining information about the size and size distribution of the particles can be of interest. This can be done with SEM-EDX analysis, offered by Measurlabs laboratories. Contact us through the form below to get a quote for your analysis package.

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