Fuel testing services

Measurlabs offers fuel testing options for gasoline, diesel, gases, and biofuels. Examples of popular analyses include biobased carbon content determination, AdBlue testing, and simulated distillation.
Fuel testing
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Standardized test methods

Fuel testing by standard methodology helps ensure that the product meets internationally recognized quality standards. We offer standardized tests by EN, ISO, and ASTM methods, including EN 228 testing package for gasoline, ISO 22241 testing for AdBlue, and ASTM D2007 characteristic group analysis for oil.

The standard quality analysis packages for gasoline and diesel cover a wide range of parameters, including cetane number, density, viscosity, cloud point, and distillation characteristics. The tests are also available separately.

Testing of natural gas and biogas

Natural gas and biogas analysis

Identifying and quantifying different contaminants in natural gas, biogas, and other fuel gases is a central part of gas testing. Analysis options include, for example, sulfur compound, siloxane, and volatile organic compound (VOC) screening. Testing is most often performed using either gas chromatography or GC-MS (the combination of gas chromatography and mass spectrometry).

Biobased content analysis of fuel

Consumers and industrial buyers are increasingly on the lookout for more sustainable alternatives to fossil fuels, which in turn increases the demand for biomass-based fuels. Biobased content testing and certification provide concrete evidence of the degree to which the fuel is composed of biobased raw materials. 

The proportion of biobased carbon can be determined using the ASTM D6866 and EN 16640 methods. For a more comprehensive measurement that accounts for all elements, standard EN 16785-1 is used.

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