Material testing services

Testing services for all kinds of materials. Get all your material tests from the same place, with accurate and reliable results. We have over 1000 different testing methods available, and our experts are ready to help with any questions you may have.
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Material testing services

Mechanical testing

We offer mechanical testing services for all kinds of materials with fast turnaround time and competitive prices. Mechanical testing, such as tensile- compression- and hardness measurements are usually pretty straightforward and do not require very expensive devices. It becomes a little bit more complicated when coupled with temperature- and humidity controlled environments or dynamic mechanical analysis.

Material testing services

Thermal properties testing

Thermal properties such as thermal conductivity, thermogravimetric analysis (TGA), differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), calorific values and many others, are simple and reliable ways to learn properties of your products.

Material testing services

Compositional analysis

Sometimes you just need to know what percentage of different elements there is in some material. If may be that you do not know what the material is, or that you need to run a quality check. We’ve got you covered.

Material testing services

Product testing and certification

Many kinds of materials and products need to be certified before they can be sold. We help you to get the tests you need for different types of certificates (e.g. European CE-marking) and get your products ready for market.

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Widest range of testing methods get all your measurements done in the same place.

Best laboratories for every test, we have sourced the best lab for that particular method, which means that you get the most accurate results and the best price.

Personal service get help from method experts if you are unsure about standards, your measurement needs or sample suitability.

What is Measurlabs?

Measurlabs is a lab test provider for product developers and quality controllers that need to buy laboratory measurement services from external partners. In addition to our own lab in Helsinki, Finland, we have a global network of partner labs that enables us to offer over one thousand different testing methods for our customers.

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