Food and feed testing

Food, feed, and beverage testing services for product development and quality control. From us you get the full range of analyses including analyses for nutritional value, vitamins and trace elements, contaminants, physical properties, microbiological quality and safety, and shelf life.
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Food and feed testing

Nutritional value

Full range of nutritional value analysis for product development, quality control, labeling and regulation compliance purposes. Depending on your needs and the type of product to be tested, nutritional value can be complemented with analyses for vitamins, trace elements, specific dietary fiber (such as oat beta-glucans), and other food components that can be included in the labeling.

Food and feed testing

Microbiological tests and shelf life

We offer microbiological analyses and shelf life tests in areas where the samples can be shipped to the laboratory and analyzed within 48h. Microbiological analyses include screening for pathogens like campylobacter, salmonella, E.coli and listeria, as well as micro-organisms like yeasts and moulds. The full shelf life test also includes tests for enterobacteriaceae, moisture content, acidity levels, pH, water activity and fat rancidity, and the tests are always tailored for your specific food products.

Food and feed testing

Residues, contaminants and allergens

Get your products tested for pesticide residues and other contaminants to ensure consumer safety and compliance with laws and regulations, such as EC No 396/2005 or EC No 1881/2006. We offer chemical residue analyses for antibiotics, veterinary drugs, and melamine, as well as screenings for mycotoxins, heavy metals, and process contaminants like acrylamide and dioxins. We also offer allergen testing for allergens like gluten, crustaceans, fish, egg, soy, milk, nuts, sulfur dioxide, and sulfites to ensure correct labeling and food safety.

Food and feed testing

Physical properties

Test the physical characteristics of your food, feed, and beverage products to ensure a pleasant customer experience. We offer tests for analyzing the texture of the product, the viscosity, particle size, color measurements, and more. Tell us about your specific needs and we will prepare a quote for you.

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What is Measurlabs?

Measurlabs is a lab test provider for product developers and quality controllers that need to buy laboratory measurement services from external partners. In addition to our own lab in Helsinki, Finland, we have a global network of partner labs that enables us to offer over one thousand different testing methods for our customers.

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