Chemical testing laboratory services

Testing services for determining the composition or purity of chemicals, controlling quality, and identifying unknown substances. Personal service from testing experts and the measurement selection of over 400 top laboratories available in one place.
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Chemical testing laboratory services

Elemental analyses

We can do elemental analysis to identify different elements present in your materials, products or chemicals. We can also determine the concentration of the elements in order to determine the elemental composition of different types of materials. As a result you receive a testing report that explains how much there is for example, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, iron and other metals or non-metals. Almost the whole periodical table of elements is available for testing.

Chemical testing laboratory services

Purity and impurity testing

You may use different types of raw materials and other chemicals to make different kinds of products. Depending on your needs, there may be different types of requirements for the purity of the raw materials. It may be helpful for you to know if the material is 95 % pure or 99 % pure. We also offer impurity testing to determine the nature of impurities present in the material. For example, if your material is 99 % pure, what is the 1 % consisting of?

Chemical testing laboratory services

Identification of unknown samples

We help you identify materials with unknown composition like process side-products or waste materials. Our experts help you define what tests the identification requires and what methods are suitable for your samples.

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What is Measurlabs?

Measurlabs is a lab test provider for product developers and quality controllers that need to buy laboratory measurement services from external partners. In addition to our own lab in Helsinki, Finland, we have a global network of partner labs that enables us to offer over one thousand different testing methods for our customers.

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