How Skandino’s partnership with Measurlabs helped accelerate their product launch

Published March 22, 2024

Fanny Törnqvist

Fanny Törnqvist

Growth Lead, Measurlabs

For a new company, getting the first products to market as quickly as possible is imperative to success. At the same time, product safety and compliance with local laws and regulations must be ensured. Navigating complex regulations can be challenging, and a dedicated partner with the expertise and capabilities to carry out all the necessary tests is a real game-changer when preparing for the first product launch.

Skandino is a Finnish startup producing tableware for children to help them learn to eat independently. Their products are made of biobased material, BPA-free, and safe to put in the microwave and the dishwasher. Skandino turned to Measurlabs when they were about to launch their first products.

Irreplaceable help for navigating EU food contact regulations

EU regulations on food contact materials require that chemicals are not released into food in amounts that would endanger consumers or compromise the quality of the food. The substances that need to be screened for depend on the composition of the material, which makes a high level of expertise necessary when choosing the appropriate analyses and testing conditions.

Measurlabs’ knowledge and attentive customer service turned out to be a real stress reliever for Skandino. “Their testing experts made the testing plans for our products and were always available to discuss the results. It was a great help not to be left alone with the topic, but instead have their support all the way,” says Skandino’s CEO Emmi Lemmetty.

Ensuring materials are durable and safe for children

In addition to ensuring that materials are compliant with EU regulations, Skandino has subjected them to additional chemical and mechanical analyses. The goal of rigorous chemical screening is to ensure that children are not exposed to bisphenol A, phthalates, melamine, or other harmful substances, while extended mechanical tests help ensure that Skandino products are dishwasher and microwave-safe – as well as resistant to rough handling by toddlers. 

“Getting all of these tests from the same provider has been very helpful, as Measurlabs knows our products inside-out. And they don’t just provide the test results – they offer proactive guidance on which properties to assess and how the tests should be conducted,” Lemmetty says. 

Thanks to the partnership with Measurlabs, Skandino has successfully ensured the safety and compliance of their biobased tableware. The expertise of a dedicated laboratory partner has streamlined the process, from launching the first products to evaluating subsequent ones, guaranteeing a fast and smooth journey to market.

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