Highly Accelerated Life Testing

Highly accelerated life testing (HALT) is a stress testing method that simulates prolonged periods of time to detect potential defects and failures. HALT is commonly used in product design and development, especially in industries where product defaults can have serious consequences.

HALT testing
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What is HALT testing used for?

HALT is used to speed up the formation of potential defects that would usually materialize later in the product's life cycle, so they can be uncovered and engineered out before the product goes to market. It can also be used to determine the operational limits of the product with regard to different types of stress. Both complete product prototypes and their components can be tested.

How does highly accelerated life testing work?

HALT works by applying high levels of stress, far beyond what is typically expected of the material, for short periods of time. The most typical types of stress include temperature changes, vibration, and a combination of the two. In addition, product-specific stresses may be applied. Typical HALT tests include the temperature step, thermal shock, vibration step, and combined temperature and vibration test.

HALT vs. HASS – what are the differences?

HALT is used in the development phase to characterize products and understand their limits, while HASS (highly accelerated stress screening) is instead used as a quality control test for products already on the market. HASS is a pass/fail test, which exposes the product to a smaller stress level (based on the results of a previous HALT evaluation). The test is designed to ensure the material is within the design specifications without testing its absolute limits.

Suitable sample matrices

  • Almost any product or component

Applications of HALT & HASS testing

  • Identifying product defaults
  • Determining operational limits
  • Quality assurance

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