Biomass testing

All analyses of biomass, pulp, lignin and side streams from one place. We have a wide range of testing methods available in accredited laboratories around the world. Our biomass experts are ready to help you with any measurement you need.

Biomass testing
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Biomass analyses

Laboratory tests for biomass

The composition of biomass gives important insight on the possibilities that your raw material can offer to you. We offer analyses for the contents of carbohydrates, lignin, ash and protein in your raw material, so that you can do your process balance calculations right. We also offer more detailed analyses of aminoacid composition, acetyl groups or elemental composition of ash to get more insight to your processing options. 

Lignin analysis

Lignin analyses

Lignin is again a hot topic among biomass scientists and researchers, and characterizing the lignin is an important part of finding ways to use and commercialize it. Measurlabs offers a variety of analyses for lignin samples, of which some are displayed below and can be bought directly online. If you have any questions or need a custom offer, please contact us through the form at the bottom of the page.

Pulp and cellulose analyses

Pulp analyses

Pulp has different applications depending on its properties. We offer a wide variety of analysis services and methods that give you important information of the chemical composition of the material. Please see our most popular services listed below, or contact us through the form on the bottom of the page to get a custom offer to suit your analysis needs.

Biomass side stream analyses

Sidestream analyses

We perform various analyses on biorefinery side streams like liquid hemicellulose rich streams and lignin and biomass based organic acids and furans. Identifying the composition of the material streams gives information on both the material stream itself and the process which produced it. We can analyse carbohydrate degradation products, contents of ash, sugar components and lignin that help you consider how your process is operating and what your side streams could be used to produce.  

Laboratory testing services

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There are many more analyses in our full offering and our expert team is happy to help with any questions regarding testing methods and sample suitability. Contact us directly with your questions, or send us an offer request through the form below. We will get back to you latest the next business day.

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